After the two Kansas freshmen studs Joel Embid and Andrew Wiggins declared for the draft, the spot light turned to Jabari Parker to see if he would stay another season at Duke or join Embid and Wiggins in the draft. Parker is considered the most NBA ready player and scouts and general managers of the NBA have been raving about his talent all year. Offensively he’s versatile, he can get to the paint at will, but then can pull up on a defender from downtown. It’s on the defensive side of the ball where he’s underrated. At 6’8, 225 he’s a force to be wreck-in with. He’ll stick to you like glue on the perimeter, but will body any player in the paint. His main defensive attribute is his rebounding. Between the way he boxes out and his relentless effort rebounding he’s a player any GM would love to get their hands on.
Despite all that he’s projected to go 2nd in the draft behind Kansas big-man Joel Embid due to his height and the fact that he’s still going to grow. Regardless, Parker will be a very solid NBA player and for him, the sky is the limit.


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