Well the Knicks are not in the playoffs. After the terrible start, they turned it around cutting their amount of games under .500 from 23 to 8. However, it wasn’t enough as they missed out on the 8th seed in the east to the Atlanta Hawks.
Phil Jackson is the new man in town as he took over as general manager of the Knicks. An 11 time champion, he’s a basketball genius but has never done this before. He signed his former 6th man of the year player Lamar Odom who has been trying to get his career back on track after finally beating his drug addiction. If he can turn it around thats a huge piece to the Knicks puzzle.
Mike Woodson is pretty much done in New York although its not official yet. Jackson will want to run the triangle offense and will want a coach who he can somewhat control. Steve Kerr has emerged as the leading candidate to take the job and also rumors of Jackson’s former player Derek Fisher have come up. Although the deplorable year the Knicks had, it was not all Woodson’s fault. The whole team struggled besides Carmelo Anthony and once again injuries affected the team as well. None the less Woodson will probably be unemployed next week.
Finally comes the real major task, what Carmelo Anthony wants to do. His stardom has grown in the big apple no question, last season they won 54 games and made it to the end of the second round losing to Indiana in a tightly contested series and this year he set the franchise record for point in a game at 61 surpassing the great Bernard King. Carmelo wants that ring and wants it badly after all the comments that you can’t build a team around him. He came out and said earlier this week in a press conference that he wants to stay in New York but wants to win and to be honest that won’t happen next season. The Knicks still have to pay $34 million just between Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler, they have no draft picks in either round and no expiring contracts this offseason which means no cap space.
On the contrary, next offseason the Knicks have the most cap space out of any team in league via Amar’e and Tyson’s contracts expiring. This is where they can get the pieces to put around Anthony if he remains a Knick. The key players who they could go after are Timberwolves forward Kevin Love and Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving along other names. If Carmelo signs a one year deal and lets the Knicks make the moves they’re going to make next offseason, we could be looking at a dynasty in New York.


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