After his second incident with pine tar Major League Baseball suspended Yankees starting pitcher Michael Pineda for 10 games. The first incident occurred two and a half weeks before Wednesday nights game which was also against the Red Sox. The most recent occurrence was caught by the Red Sox and in the middle of the first inning Red Sox manager John Farrell went out to the umpire to inform him of the substance on Pineda’s neck. The umpire went to the mound, swiped the substance off Pineda realized it was indeed pine tar and ejected him from the game. Pineda admitted to what he had done after the game and will not appeal his 10 game suspension.
This comes as a coincidence now because the first game when Pineda got caught no one came to the mound. It was seen after the game but lets be realistic, theres no way no one in the Red Sox organization didn’t know or see the substance on his hand. I’m bringing this up because that game Boston had their starter Clay Buchholz on the mound who has been accused of using pine tar throughout his whole career. If you look at his hair, it looks like he just jumped in a pool and then went to the mound. Buchholz is always touching and fixing his hair during the game as well. I believe Farrell didn’t bring this to the umpires attention the first game because he knows Buchholz uses pine tar as well.
None the less every pitcher uses pine tar, its not like Pineda is the first and won’t be the last, it’s just a matter of using it discretely. It doesn’t make you pitch any faster or give you an unfair advantage, it just gives you a bit of a better grip on the ball.


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