With the NFL draft a week and a half away theres still debate on who the first pick of the draft will be. First you have the freak of nature defensive end Jadevon Clowney from South Carolina. Many feel his talent and athleticism is to good to pass on and that he’s one in a generation type player. Then theres always the flashy Johnny Manziel, quarterback from Texas A&M. Although he may be a bit under sized, the size of his heart and love for the game is never questioned. Although a bit of a sleeper in some cases theres outside linebacker Kalil Mack from Buffalo. He’s a perfect fit for a 3-4 defense, regardless of if he’s chasing quarterbacks or dropping back in coverage, Mack has it all.
The Houston Texans hold the first pick in this years draft. Its believed to be between drafting Jadevon Clowney or possibly trading the first overall pick away and dropping down a few spots and taking UCF quarterback Blake Bortles.
I cannot see how the Texans could possibly pass up on Jadevon Clowney. Putting him opposite J.J. Watt is going to be a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks and the rest of their offense. At the same time they do need a quarterback, but none of the quarterbacks in this years draft class are a no brainer pick. While this draft is full of uncertainty and we don’t know who is going to hear their name called before everyone else’s, it’s going to be a draft for the ages.



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