After both teams winning their games last night, the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs will once again in their conference’s finals. Not only did they both advance, but they did easily with their opponents only taking them to game 5. Both the Nets and Blazers just didn’t have the fire power to compete with these 2 juggernauts of the NBA. The Heat are looking to repeat as NBA Champions for the third year in a row, while the Spurs are trying to get back to the Finals after falling to the Heat last year.
Many people believe that the Finals this year will be a repeat of last season’s matchup between the Spurs and Heat. The Spurs were seconds away from winning it last season in game 6, until Ray Allen hit one of the most memorable shots in playoff history. The Heat then went on to win game 7 at home and win back to back rings. Both teams are determined to be crowned champion and as it looks right now, they may be matching up once again this June. Spurs looking for revenge and the Heat trying to silence the critics once again.



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