Tonight starts the Western Conference Finals where the San Antonio Spurs will play host to Oklahoma City Thunder. Its been quite sometime but this year we finally have the 1 seed vs the 2 seed in both Conference Finals.
Oklahoma City was behind before the series even started after finding out that forward Serge Ibaka is most likely done for the rest of the postseason. This hurts Oklahoma City both offensively and defensively, but mostly on defense. The problem now is who will guard the future hall of famer Tim Duncan?
With Ibaka done for the year, more pressure has been put on the shoulders of Durant and Westbrook to give it their all on both ends of the court. Pressure also leaks to some role players such as the young prodigy Steven Adams, big man Kendrick Perkins and the sneaky Nick Collison.
None the less, this Western Conference Finals should be a nail bitter like we all anticipated. Well see if the young flashy backcourt of Durant and Westbrook can overcome the real “Big 3” of the NBA the past two decades in Parker, Duncan and Ginobli.



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