After losing game 1 which could have gone either way, the Oklahoma City Thunder had to come out in game 2 and protect the paint. They gave up way too many easy baskets and the same occurred last night. The Thunder fell to the Spurs 112-77 in a embarrassment of a performance. Durant and Westbrook had just 17pts each which says it all. We knew not having Serge Ibaka would hurt OKC, but nobody expected them to get the hinges blown off the doors by San Antonio. If OKC wants any chance to make this a series, they’re going to have to defend the paint which they haven’t done the first two games, and Durant has to put this team on his back.
Danny Green took the night over going 7-10 behind the three point arch, upping his three point shooting percentage to 62% at home this postseason.
A side note from this game was the original “Big 3.” Duncan, Parker and Ginobli got their 111th postseason win which set the NBA all-time record for most playoff wins by a trio. They’ve been doing their thing for years and now with Kawai Leonard and Danny Green becoming superstars of their own, the Spurs are a force to be reckoned with and look as if they’ll be back in the Finals.



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