After a down year in Chicago battling injuries and watching the emergence of fellow pro bowl wide reciever Alshon Jefferey, Brandon Marshall has been traded. The trade was made yesterday morning as the Jets sent a 5th round pick in this years NFL draft to the Bears in exchange for Marshall. The Jets just solidified their recieving core by adding Marshall to the likes of veterans like Eric Decker and Percy Harvin. The three of them can become a huge headache for defensive coordinators, I say can because although the three recievers have obvious talent, whose throwing them the ball? Will the Jets give Geno Smith a 3rd chance, will they resign Michael Vick or will they look outside their lockeroom for next season’s quarterback through the draft or free agency? This is proving to be the question of the offseason for the Jets, as they’re even unsure on the matter. After a circus like 2014 season, the Jets have now gotten rid of Rex Ryan and brought in Todd Bowles, former defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals. That addition along with the acquisition of Brandon Marshall, can prove to be two huge steps for gang green as they look to get back to their winning ways. 


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